I always love when people in Colorado blow off six inches of snow as no big whoop

tv via rdb_aaa via Tiny Cartridge] [Pic]”Mario? Ostriches? Flying babies? Put down the mushrooms and start talking.Thanks,”To: CrecenteFrom: AshRE: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It SnowNo snow here in Texas. But it snowed in Osaka, apparently! I always love when people in Colorado blow off six inches of snow as no big whoop.This is replica Patek Philippe 5039G Men's Watch a look a my 2010. What did you do this year?Happy New Year!What you missed last nightThe Year, NSFWPossibly Illegal Lengths To Get Xbox 360s In Japanese HomesRoger Ebert's Past Game Addiction Made Him SadFrom the Mouths of Babes, Withering CriticismDavid Bowie's Son Is Excited About The World Of Warcraft Movie”Okay, that's not fair. Duncan Jones is more than just David Bowie's son.

He's also the son of fashion model Angela Bowie.And, of course, Jones is a terrific filmmaker in his own right, helming the wonderful sci-fi flick Moon.Jones tells Badass Digest that he's “very cynical” of directors who claim to be gamers. “I think there are less real gamers involved in directing only because you have to spend so much time films replica Patek Philippe 5040R Men's Watch that there's no time to be a hardcore gamer”, he says. “I'm just slightly insane and I stay up all night playing games. In the day I'm working and at night I play games.”While conceding that there are obvious game elements that will never make the jump to film, Jones thinks that World of Warcraft could work well as a film.

“If you're going to make a film of a game it's got to be about the essence of why you, the audience, care what's going on,” says Jones. “There are certain games where that will work, and there are certain games where it doesn't.” World of Warcraft, the director points out, is one of those games that he thinks will work.”I'm hugely jealous of replica Patek Philippe 5039R Men's Watch Sam Raimi,” Jones told me. “I really believe World of Warcraft could be the launch of computer games as good films. And from the little I've read of interviews with him the way he's approaching it makes so much sense.

here's hoping each and every one of you has a warm and happy holiday season

Feel good about it in 2011; be good about it in 2011. Thanks to all for reading my columns this year, and here's hoping each and every one of you has a warm and happy holiday season.Leigh Alexander is news director for Gamasutra, author of the Sexy Videogameland blog, and freelances reviews and criticism to a variety of replica Patek Philippe 5146-1G Men's Watch outlets. Her monthly column at Kotaku deals with cultural issues surrounding games and gamers. She can be reached at leighalexander1 AT gmail DOT com.”While New Year's in the northern hemisphere means cold weather, down here in Australia, it's summer time.

So instead of huddling in front of a fire, I'm on the beach with a beer, listening to this.To me, summer means three things: Outrun, Coronas with lime and the sweet, sweet sounds of former Kyuss and Fu Manchu drummer Brant Bjork. This is one of his finer works, called Arcade Eyes, a tribute to the golden years of, well, arcades.Have a listen, and while you freeze your ass off, think of me as I sit on the golden sands of South Durras beach, New replica Patek Philippe 3940G Men's Watch South Wales, with a beer in my hand and a smile on my face. Happy new years, everyone!”This is Shinya Arino, comedian, television personality and all around bad gamer.Back in 2007, I hung out on the set of Arino's show Game Center CX and interviewed the jumpsuit-wearing gamer.

Arino is truly a funny guy — and not a very good gamer! But he's so persistent and has such a likable personality, that it's actually enjoyable to watch him trying to clear old, difficult retro games as he dies over and over again.For New Year's, Game Center CX is doing a special, and there is a live stream. So far, website Tiny Cartridge replica Patek Philippe 5146-1J Men's Watch points out that it's featured a performance of a Japanese punk version of “Camptown Races”. The special is apparently going for the next several hours. So if you're gonna watch, do it now. It is in Japanese, but surely, stuff like plaything through Ice Climber transcends linguistic boundaries?LEMON PACK on Justin.tv [Justin.

Next time you feel like publicly ripping a studio apart for its work

Next time you feel like publicly ripping a studio apart for its work, try to picture how bummed those people are that you don't like what they worked for months upon months on, that what they poured all that work into didn't come out well. You don't have to like their game, and you can be angry about your wasted money. Just replica Patek Philippe 5146P Men's Watch remember it's always more complicated than it looks.Don't Forget This Is Supposed To Be FunI write a lot about how saying “it's just a game” is dismissive of the potential in interactive entertainment. I write a lot about how “fun” isn't really the true point of game design.

And I very much believe those things, but at the same time, we're all “in this thing” because we love to play. More and more of us are sharing games with others and playing online, or with your family in the living room, things like that.Some people say they don't make games like they used to, that gaming isn't as fun and exciting replica Patek Philippe 5146J Men's Watch anymore as it was in the days of the old school. But maybe it's because we've forgotten about our joy. We were easy to please in the days of less advanced games because we didn't expect much. Now we expect the moon and we boil over when we don't receive it.

We blow ambivalently through legions of AAA titles and talk a lot about 2011, 2012 because want to know when the next great thing is coming. We watch the business and the finance of the industry as if it were a sport.Let's try to remember, at least sometimes, how much we really love gaming. Let's open up our replica Patek Philippe 5146G Men's Watch imaginations so that play can capture them again. If your family celebrates Christmas, spend the holiday together with them and show them your favorite games. Sharing them with cousins or nieces, showing them off and describing them to nephews and hometown friends might help you hang onto how happy you are to be a gamer.

I would rather play a game than watch a TV show or a movie

I would rather play a game than watch a TV show or a movie, most of the time. On plenty of occasions I mean to read but I take my DS to bed instead. I've wasted tons of beautiful days in the neighborhood lying on the couch playing Xbox 360. If you're reading this, you've probably done the same.Let's not be quite so proud of it, okay? I replica Patek Philippe 5960P Men's Watch think we're in a little bit of a cultural rut lately, and that's because we're lacking a wider framework to help us contextualize and discuss our experience of games. And that affects the kind of things we demand from the industry.

We get crabby and frustrated when all we get is more of the same, but we don't really know what we do want, and when something different comes along, many of us shy away from it in confusion. It risks us all becoming kind of blurry and soulless as a group, don't you think? Being a gamer is great, but it's better for everyone to try to be an replica Patek Philippe 5396R Men's Watch interesting person at the same time.Remember Games Are Made By PeopleYou're a consumer. It's not a great economy. Everything's expensive.

If people are going to try to court our dollars, they absolutely ought to ensure we are satisfied. But in video games there is kind of a funny overlap going on – they are “technology products” or “entertainment experiences,” but they're also people's creations. In most cases, they feel quite personally about their work.Tempting, I replica Patek Philippe 5040J Men's Watch know, to tell people they suck if you feel like they wasted your time. But bad games (in most cases) don't happen because people wanted to fail, to deceive you, to ship late, or any of that. Behind every bad game are usually a fleet of exhausted, anguished people who succumbed to circumstances beyond their control, be it bad management, insufficient budget or an unrealistic publisher.


I knew I replica A Lange & Sohne 116.032 Men's watch could get us over to the trail

I was nervous after that because we were very cold but getting in the tent and back in the sleeping bags warmed us up enough to be survivable.We were so frozen on the last night we left the satellite phone on and drained the battery, so the situation was getting worse and worse. But I have a lot of rock-climbing experience and I knew I replica A Lange & Sohne 116.032 Men's watch could get us over to the trail, one way or another.Having no other choice, Finlay and teammate Sarah Percy finally made it to the finish line after 10 days of suffering. There are many races in Europe where when you are tired you can call to be picked up, but here there is no way to call from the forests, said Canadian racer Jim Mandelli. This is a real adventure -- there are simply no other races out there like this one.--Ivan Miller

I’ve ridden singlespeeds for quite a few years but have been reluctant to racethem (see pre-race blog 1). But I’m kind of getting into it. As I have said, mybelt-driven Spot singlespeed is a sick bike, but the fun transcends the bike.You’ve got one gear and so that’s what you ride. Maybe you crank past somegeared rider up a hill, only to have them replica Breitling watches pass you on the flats. I can’t sayI’m regretting the choice, although the Wheeler Pass loop in two days my changemy mind. OK race fans. I currently stand in third place in the men’sSS category with a slim 41 second lead on a hard charging Jake Kirkpatrick.

Have you ever quit a race?I’ve had a double flat at the start of a race once. I only had one tube and one CO2, so I had no other choice. This happened in the first five min. of the race during my semipro racing career.What was your strategy for the finish?There were three of us together, and if I didn’t attack towards the end, then I was going to end up in 10th, so I Replica Bell&Ross watches attacked in the last hill of the Boulevard near the finish, and it worked out for an eighth place finish.What did this race teach you?To be strong and push beyond my limits and to know that if you don’t quit you will have no regrets.